Welcome to Gunbarrel Coins where integrity and service go hand and hand. We sell, buy, trade and appraise coins.  If you are thinking of selling your collection or just want to get an idea of how much they are worth give us a call. I will search for key dates, varieties and conditions to help you achieve the most value for your coins.

New Rochell CommemorativeMy interest in coin collecting goes way back to when I was young.  I remember seeing old Indian Head cents at my grandmothers house and finding Mecury Head dimes and Buffalo nickels in my change.

The coin to the right is the 1938 New Rochelle, NY 250th Anniversary commemorative half dollar of the founding in 1688 by French Huguenots. Depicted on the coin is John Pell (my ancestor) who sold the land provided that a fattened calf be given away every year on June 20th.  To me it looks like whatever that calf was eating gave it gas.

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